Urban Meyer replaces Herm Edwards as Arizona State football coach?

The 2022 ASU football season hasn’t even started and speculation continues to swirl around ASU football coach Herm Edwards and his job security with the Sun Devils.

Dan Patrick added fuel to the fire of speculation on Wednesday when he indicated that the ASU football team could be a team to “keep an eye on” on Urban Meyer if the former Jaguars coach of Jacksonville and current Fox Sports analyst decided to resume training in college, where he had great success.

“I had a correspondence with my college football source. We were talking about Urban Meyer, could you see Urban Meyer getting back into coaching?” Patrick said on his show, The Dan Patrick Show. “You know what my source said? Paulie (executive producer Paul Pabst) is on to something with Nebraska.”

He continued, “My source also said, here’s another team to watch with Urban Meyer… But let’s say Nebraska could be in play for Urban Meyer. Possibly. Hypothetical. Now the other school my source comes tell me. Keep an eye on this school for Urban Meyer. Anyone wanna guess?”

After many unsuccessful guesses, Patrick said, “State of Arizona.”

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Meyer coached in college in Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State. He spent time as an analyst for ESPN and Fox Sports and went 2-11 as Jaguars head coach in the 2021 NFL season before being fired.

He won three national championships in college, but controversy followed him.

According to Bleacher Report, Meyer had 31 players arrested while in Florida.

At Ohio State, he was placed on furlough before retiring after keeping an assistant on his coaching staff after learning the coach allegedly abused his wife, as detailed in an ESPN article.

His 13 games with the Jaguars were “tumultuous,” according to CBS Sports, which detailed the “disaster” of his tenure with a timeline.

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As for Herm Edwards, his football program at Arizona State has been investigated by the NCAA over recruiting allegations.

ASU football saw five coaches leave amid the investigation, including offensive coordinator Zak Hill and scouting coordinator Antonio Pierce, also defensive coordinator and associate head coach.

Recruitment suffered as the Sun Devils made few rookies and many key players entered the transfer portal and found teams elsewhere.

As a result, the team is thin in some positions as its depth has suffered.

Speculation has swirled about Edwards’ safety as a coach, with many calling for his dismissal.

“I think he’s in the hot seat,” Patrick said of Edwards on his show Wednesday. “I think he’s in the hot seat.”

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Herm Edwards may be in the hot seat at ASU, but is Urban Meyer the answer to the Sun Devils’ woes?

That might be a reach, at best, given Meyer’s baggage, summed up four years ago in that USA Today article that said “Meyer’s coaching legacy is tainted” and “no achievement on the field can never contribute to a narrative of forced redemption”. or erase his hypocritical attitude towards women.”

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