Urban Meyer considered a potential candidate for the vacancy at Arizona State

The coaching rumor mill is already swirling after the firing of Nebraska’s Scott Frost and Arizona State’s Herm Edwards.

There is also speculation as to who is next, as names like Geoff Collins, Karl Dorrell and even Stanford’s David Shaw have been thrown into the hot seat. However, every time coaches are thrown into the hot seat, it means names are offered as replacements.

One of those names is former Utah, Florida and Ohio coach Urban Meyer. On the college field, he was one of the most successful coaches the sport had ever seen, winning three national championships. However, off the field and his brief one-year stint in the NFL were not without controversy. There were allegations that an assistant coach abused his wife while at Ohio State, all the criminal activity that happened while he was coaching in Florida, and his bizarre tenure in Jacksonville. which consisted of housing staffers, kicking the kicker, and an inappropriate bar visit to Ohio.

Even despite his troubled past, the coach has victories on the court and has outlets such as the Arizona Republic, Draft Kings and FanSided who entertain the idea that if you can ignore his previous issues, he can be the right man for the job. FanSided’s John Buhler even went so far as to say they could be a playoff team saying:

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“If you can take it, Urban Meyer has the potential to completely transform Arizona State’s football program. Oh, he’ll leave you within a decade and leave your program in utter disarray, but you’ll win, and you’ll “Win big! With USC and UCLA exiting the Pac-12 in 2024, Meyer could have these Sun Devils in the college football playoffs by the second year if hired by them.”

Good or bad news depending on how you view the former coach is that Meyer recently told on3.com that he doesn’t see himself returning to training. However, he has made similar statements before, so I don’t know if it’s concrete.

Personally, I don’t think Meyer would take either job, but I think he will return to coaching at the college level. Not that I agree he should be given another chance, but there is clearly an interest. I consider him a proud person, which we saw evidence of when he lectured his subordinates in Jacksonville for not having the same accomplishments as him, so I don’t think Meyer wants his last stint in coach is remembered as that horrible 2-11 season. .