Top-three ranked sophomore Koa Peat recaps his unofficial visit to Arizona State

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado. – Second year in the top five Koa peat is no stranger to the national scene. A USA U16 summer gold medalist, the 6-foot-8 versatile forward from Gilbert, Arizona has yet to start his sophomore season, but has already built a solid reputation on the men’s track. hardwoods and recruitment so far.

Ahead of his USA Basketball weekend, Peat made his first unofficial visit to the state program Arizona State and enjoyed everything the school had to offer.

“The visit went really well,” Peat said. “I really liked school and I really liked the coaches. The team looked good and everything was great. I mostly hear from Bobby Hurley and Jermaine Kimbrough. They are all cool and really good people.

Arizona, Baylor, Texasand UCLA are just a few more programs that Peat constantly hears about and plans to visit. He discussed his thoughts on each of the schools with 247Sports:

Arizona“I intend to visit them soon with my trainer. They are a great school. I hear from Tommy Lloyd. Their coaching staff comes to our high school practices to come see me. They talk to me sometimes and they are where I come from. They definitely have to be in the mix for sure.

Baylor“They proposed recently and the conversation was great. Scott Drew is really cool and all the staff really like me. That’s a big deal for me.

Texas“They come in and come out of my practices. They show that they are interested in me and I like that.

UCLA“The whole team was cool. They are on my list because of their ties to Compton Magic and because I love their school. It’s a great school with a lot of good players. They train a lot of professionals and they know what they are doing.

With one visit under his belt, Peat says he’s looking to do as much as possible to get a sense of each school involved in his recruitment.

“When my decision time comes, I want to pick the right school,” Peat says. “I want to visit every school so I can make the right decision.”

Rated a five-star prospect, Peat is the third sophomore in 247Sports’ initial player rankings for the 2025 National Class.