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Thomas A. Hine died on September 17, 2022 in San Diego, California. Tom was born March 9, 1940 in Queens, New York to Henry Hine and Anne Margaret Canning Hine. The second of four siblings, Tom was raised in Rockville Center, New York, on Long Island, and attended St. Agnes Elementary School. He loved sports and was part of all the teams. He engaged in hijinx, including with a missing cement mixer in his youth. Tom’s mother died of rheumatic fever when he was 14. Consequently, he was very nervous when his granddaughters Alanna and Michaela caught strep throat, as his mother died from complications. Tom’s father remarried Grace Carlow and the family moved to Denver in 1954. Tom struggled to lose his New York accent (successfully) because the Colorado kids didn’t care. He loved skiing and being outdoors. Tom was passionate about camping, exploring nature and the mountains. At Mount Carmel High School in Denver, he excelled in high school debate, a fantastic skill for his future careers as a teacher and lawyer. While in high school, he also served in the Marine Reserves, doing his basic training at Camp Pendleton, a military path his son also chose. Tom was a proud American serviceman, descended from a Union soldier who was shot by a Confederate sniper in New York – the only American to die in service during the New York Civil War. Tom graduated with a BA in English Literature and earned his teaching certificate. While teaching elementary school, he earned a Master of Arts in History, then taught at North High in Denver. Tom met Irene Kress at Regis College at a dance for the Loretto Heights College girls. Tom and Irene were married in 1965. Their daughter, Cassandra, was born in 1968. Tom (while teaching) graduated from the University of Denver Law School and began working as an attorney for the Department of United States Interior to the Attorney’s Office in 1973. This program selected five attorneys each year from among the nation’s top law graduates. That same year, Tom’s son, Stephen, was born and the family moved to Falls Church, Virginia. The following year, he became counsel to the Washington DC Department of Energy. In 1978, he was promoted to general counsel for the Western Area Power Administration in Colorado. In 1983, he became the Boulder City, Nevada regional manager for Western Area Power, a job that involved overseeing power distribution at the Hoover Dam and marketing power generated by federal facilities in Nevada, Arizona and California. In this position, he negotiated the 50-year power contracts for the dam. When Tom retired from public service, he began working for the law firm Martinez and Curtis in Phoenix, Arizona. He helped negotiate the Lower Colorado River Basin Multi-Species Conservation Act, which protects endangered species while maintaining water rights for western irrigation districts. After his divorce from Irene in 1985, Tom remarried. His second wife, Faith Saunders, died shortly after their marriage in 2006. Tom was proud of his grandchildren John and Ali Ferrannini. He reveled in John’s commencement speech at Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento. He bragged about John’s college newspaper career and his news writing at KRON in San Francisco. Tom attended his granddaughter Ali’s graduation from the University of Oregon and looked forward to her major in biology and her travels to Japan and Egypt. Tom moved to San Diego in 2002 shortly after the birth of Alanna (Stephen’s daughter). He fell in love with her hugging her. He quit smoking to be a dynamic influence in her life and to help her take care of her. When Alanna’s sister Michaela was born, he pursued his loving vested interests which were key to his self-confidence and empathy. He was the perfect history geek/teacher/lawyer as he traveled the world with the Hine family, learning the history of Native Hawaiian, Native Alaskan, and classical Western European civilization. Tom is survived by his children Cassandra Ferrannini (Andy Ferrannini) of Sacramento and Stephen Hine (Mrs. Michon Hinz Hine) of San Diego, by his grandchildren Alexandra Ferrannini of Washington, John Ferrannini of San Francisco, and Alanna and Michaela Hine of San Diego. He is also survived by his 3 siblings, Marie Martin (Roger) of New York, Kathy Kindblade of Denver and Phil Hine of Seattle. Funeral services will be Thursday, November 10 at 10 a.m. at St. Mary Magdalene Church, 1945 Illion St., San Diego. Lunch will be provided afterwards.

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St. Mary Magdalene Church 1945 Illion Street San Diego, California

November 10, 2022 at 10:00 AM