Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly was already facing a tough re-election in November, and Chuck Schumer’s decision to turn Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a villain may have made things worse. little more difficult for Kelly: When Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer held a doomed vote last month toRead More →

Senator Kyrsten Sinema faces growing pressure on opposition to weaken Senate filibuster Senator Sinema said she would not vote to weaken the Senate’s 60-vote filibuster threshold, drawing criticism from other Democrats, as well as some suffrage advocates. Some have also raised the possibility of a main challenger for Sinema. ReportingRead More →

Two communities will receive grants PHOENIX, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) — On Dec. 7, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly announced two grants that will fund wastewater treatment projects in Nogales and Patagonia. “I’ve been a strong advocate for supporting these projects, including through our recently signed bipartisan infrastructure act, and I’m happyRead More →

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers has suggested that the Labor Day celebration is actually a “Communist holiday.” Rogers didn’t elaborate on his reasoning for criticizing the federal holiday, which takes place on the first Monday in September and celebrates the American workforce. “Labor Day is a communist holiday,” the Republican tweetedRead More →

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Arizona Senator-elect Mark Kelly announced his 13-person bipartisan team for taking office. The transition team will work to create advisory groups for its first 100 days off, according to a press release from Kelly’s team. The team is made up of leaders from Arizona. The co-chairsRead More →

PHOENIX (KVOA) — Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema released this statement shortly after several news outlets declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election. “Arizonans voted in record numbers to support pragmatic, practical leaders who will bring Americans together and heal the divisions in our country,” Sinema said. “Today’sRead More →

CNN’s Manu Raju appears to have triggered Republican Arizona Senator Martha McSally on Thursday by speaking out about President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, earning him a Trumpian slur in the halls of Capitol Hill. “Manu, you’re a liberal hack,” McSally said, clearly irritated and with undisguised disdain. “I’m not talkingRead More →

The family of US Senator John McCain announced Friday that he is stopping treatment for brain cancer. Since December, the six-term Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate has been at home near Sedona. McCain, 81, was surrounded by family and friends. In his final days, questions about McCain’s life,Read More →