Republicans pick Theil Protégé Blake Masters to challenge Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly

Blake Masters won Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary in Arizona and is set to face incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ).

The Masters beat businessman Jim Lamon and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R).

The Masters ran an at times threatening campaign that relied heavily on conspiracy theories. He made an explicit endorsement of the Great Replacement theory as part of his regular campaign fare, while taking a stand in favor of reducing legal immigration.

A former COO of billionaire investor Peter Thiel’s hedge fund, Masters has been involved with Thiel in more ways than one business. Both are ideologically sympatico, Masters fusing Thiel’s signature combination of pro-big business libertarianism and American nationalism uniquely at the heart of his campaign.

He is also a writer. Masters co-authored a book with Thiel in 2014 consisting of notes taken during a class Thiel taught on how to build startups. This was not Masters’ first contact with the pen, however. As an undergraduate at Stanford, the aspiring senator frequently posted on an online chat room for the CrossFit workout program and on an obscure libertarian forum blaming the “Houses of Morgan and Rothschild” for America’s entry into World War I, while also noting that the ” burning issue of the Holocaust” made it harder to argue against US involvement in World War II – “(never mind that our friend Stalin killed more than twice as many as Hitler.. .why are we forgetting this in schools?),” he added.

While the young Thielite has sought to present himself as a new brand of right-wing Republican, some of his proposals are familiar: He wants to privatize Social Security, for example.

On a key issue in the 2022 midterm elections, abortion rights, he has taken a stance consistent with his strident personality, calling for a nationwide abortion ban in the form of a federal abortion law. personality of the fetus.

He also capitalized on Trump’s efforts to discredit the 2020 election, winning the former president’s endorsement after posting an ad claiming “Trump won 2020.” This distinguished him from a former top contender, Brnovich, who despite campaign efforts to outplay Trump Masters, accepted the 2020 election results.