Republicans edge Democrats 193% in Arizona state legislative races – Ballotpedia News

New campaign finance filings for Arizona state legislative races show Republicans leading Democrats in fundraising. Between July 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021, Republican candidates outpaced Democratic candidates by 193%.

As the primary elections approached, five Republican candidates raised $2.00 million compared to $37,686 for three Democrats.

Within the Democratic Party, the top fundraisers during the most recent reporting period were:

Within the Republican Party, the top fundraisers during the most recent reporting period were:

  • Wendy Rogers (State Senate, District 6) – $1,956,453
  • Anthony Kern (State Senate, District 20) – $32,578
  • Christian Lamar (House of Representatives, District 20) – $8,285
  • Ryan Cadigan (House of Representatives, District 6) – $3,417
  • Donna McCoy (House of Representatives, District 5) – $200

The candidates who raised the most money were incumbent Wendy Rogers (R) in Senate District 6 ($1,956,453), Brianna Westbrook (D) in District 24 ($32,827) and Anthony Kern (R ) in Senate District 20 ($32,578).

State legislative primary elections are held on August 2, 2022. In some cases, party candidates may have been chosen earlier.

Republicans have a 16-13 majority in the Arizona State Senate and a 31-29 majority in the Arizona State House.

Campaign finance requirements govern the amount of money candidates can receive from individuals and organizations, the amount and frequency with which they must report these contributions, and the amount that individuals, organizations and parties politicians can contribute to campaigns.

The above data is based on campaign finance reports that candidate PACs have submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State. Candidate PACs represent individuals who have run for state or local office at any time, including past and current office holders. This article does not include non-candidate PACs. In 2022, Transparency USA will release campaign finance data after the following key reporting deadlines. State or federal law may require registrants to submit additional reports.

Report name Report due date
2021 01/15/2022
2022 Q1 04/15/2022
2022 Q2 07/15/2022
2022 Pre-primary 07/23/2022
2022 Post-Primary and Q3 10/15/2022
Pre-General 2022 29/10/2022
2022 Post-General and Q4 01/17/2023

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