Republic of Arizona: “[Kari] Lake provided no evidence “of NRA membership until 2021

Arizona Republic: “[Kari] Lake provided no proof ‘of NRA membership until 2021

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake brags about her NRA “lifetime membership” status since…2021?
Arizona Republic
Stacey Barchenger
February 15, 2022

The top four contenders for the Republican nomination for Arizona governor have all touted their allegiance to the National Rifle Association, but some wonder how long the frontrunner – Kari Lake – has actually supported the organization.

When asked to prove his claim by the Arizona Republic, Lake posted a photo of his NRA Lifetime Membership card. This card features text touting the organization’s 150th anniversary – which took place in 2021.

Despite repeated requests, Lake has provided no evidence that she was a member until 2021, the year she announced her campaign.

“It’s more than just saying, ‘I support guns,'” he continued. “Actions speak much louder than words, and his actions don’t speak of someone actually supporting Second Amendment issues. I apply for a job, she auditions for another role.

Salmon pulled out his lifetime membership card, dated 2006.

Salmon said Lake’s donations to Democrats, including John Kerry and Barack Obama, more than a decade ago call into question his support for gun rights — a fundamental problem for the Republican Party.

Salmon pointed to two of Lake’s social media posts. One was a Facebook post from 2016, in which Lake seeks to spark a discussion about money in politics by saying that US Senator John McCain taking $7.7 million from the NRA was an “exorbitant amount for a representative of the people to take from a single lobby”.

The other, a 2015 Twitter post with a photo of then-President Obama, saying she was “captivated by the #POTUS discourse on the relationship between law enforcement, crime and community. #BlueLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter.

And the former congressman’s campaign has touted his own record on gun rights, including top marks from the NRA when he ran for Congress in 2012 and 2014.

He told The Republic at the time that there was “no endorsement that means more to me than the National Rifle Association endorsement.”