Report: Big 12 will meet Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah

In an effort to keep up with the SEC and Big Ten’s efforts to become superpower conferences, reports indicate the Big 12 is meeting with several top college football programs this week.

According Jason Scheer of WildcatAuthority.comBig 12 officials will meet with current Pac-12 schools in Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah at some point this week.

Programs like Arizona and Arizona State, both of which have been Pac-12 members since 1978, jumping ship would seem somewhat surprising if it happened out of nowhere. That’s obviously not the case right now as the news comes on the heels of USC and UCLA announcing a move to the Big Ten starting in 2024 just days ago.

Colorado makes sense for the Big 12 due to the fact that the Buffaloes were conference members from 1996 until they left for the Pac-12 in 2010.

As for Utah, like Colorado, it has no longstanding ties or allegiances to the Pac-12. The Utes joined the conference in 2011, marking the first time the program was a member of a conference considered major.

While neither of these programs has the ability to make up for the impending loss of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC for the Big 12, adding these programs along with the already locked-in additions of UCF, Cincinnati , BYU and Houston could certainly help at least ensure the viability of the conference in the immediate future. This still takes into account the ever-changing landscape of college football in terms of conference realignment.

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