Pride of the Southwest: Sun Devil Marching Band and Twirlers

Despite Hudson’s desire for a fun atmosphere for his students who make up the Sun Devil Athletic groups, that doesn’t mean success has to be sacrificed.

In fact, Arizona State twirlers hold every collegiate twirling title in the United States.

Emma Carr of the Sun Devils has the 2022 College Miss Majorette of America, while Kylie Cates holds the 2022 Grand National Twirling Championship, Senior Strut Gold Medalist World Championship, Grand National Strut Champion and Grand National Collegiate Solo Championship.

Additionally, Cody Carter holds the World Senior Men’s Two-Baton Gold Medal Championship, Grand National Solo Championship, National Two-Baton Championship, National Rhythmic Twirl Champion, World Open Twirl-off Championship and Grand National Downfield Championship.

“You could almost call us Twirler U,” Hudson said.

Hudson has created a melting pot of over 100 different majors within the Sun Devil Marching Band while maintaining a balance of ambition, success and fun – a community with a common interest and affinity.

“They’re all there just because they love the Sun Devil Marching Band,” Snyder said. “Whether they like it because they like supporting Sun Devil Athletics, or because they like playing their instrument or they like the atmosphere or whatever. They’re there for a unifying reason.”

Teamwork isn’t just for Sun Devil student-athletes. Although spectators can come and see them perform on the sports field or in the field, they would be remiss not to enjoy the other team, the Sun Devil Marching Band, performing and executing their game plan during the match. The Sun Devil Marching Band and Sun Devil Athletics both have a unique responsibility to engage with spectators, allowing them to experience the game through the shared experience of the game.