Preview of Utah’s 2022 schedule with Unrivaled: Arizona State

SALT LAKE CITY- Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Utah’s 2022 football schedule. While we’re still about a month away from fall camp, it’s not never too early to start previewing the Utes’ opponents with help from Unrivaled’s Alex Kirry and Scott Mitchell. Last time, we previewed Utah’s ninth game of the year against the Arizona Wildcats with the help of writer Michael Lev. This week, we’ll return to the first phase of Utah’s schedule with Game 4 of the season against beleaguered Arizona State on September 24. To help break down all Sun Devils, Kirry and Mitchell spoke to Chris Karpman of Sun Devil Source on the 247 Sports Network.

A precarious position

The Sun Devils could be one of the most interesting teams the Utes have to play in 2022 and just because anyone has high hopes doesn’t mean they’re any good. Instead, the interest lies in the quagmire of an ongoing NCAA investigation into recruiting infractions during the Covid-19 season. As Karpman explains, this puts ASU in the position of having to scramble to fill positions on both the personnel and personnel fronts.

“Donnie Henderson has been promoted to defensive coordinator,” Karpman said. “He was an analyst who took over defensive backs last year when Chris Hopkins was put on paid leave. Eventually, Hopkins was fired. Henderson is a four-decade football veteran. He was actually ASU’s defensive back coach when he last appeared in the Rose Bowl in 1996. He has coached Herm Edwards at the NFL level before as a defensive coordinator at that level, so he’s very experienced .

“On offense, they’re going to make some changes with the resignation of Zack Hill,” Karpman continued. “Glen Thomas replaced him. He’s been with UNLV for two years as a coordinator. He’s coached quarterbacks at the NFL level before with the Atlanta Falcons. I think he’s going to move more towards a pro style – they were pretty multiple last year. They might get together a decent amount this year, have more of a pass-action game, comebacks. They have to figure out who their quarterback will be because that the transfer of Jayden Daniels to LSU left them a bit in the lurch.

How bad could that be?

In 2021, many expected ASU to put up a good fight for the South title, but fell short of expectations. In 2022, things look to be even less favorable for the Sun Devils despite doing a pretty good job filling the roster holes through the NCAA transfer portal.

“Yeah, I was pretty bullish on ASU’s chances last year,” Karpman said. “I’m pretty sure I told you guys I thought they had the best schedule, comeback starters and experience and they blew the game up at Utah after hitting a couple touchdowns at halftime . I think they failed to maximize their potential despite an eight-win regular season.

“This year, they’re definitely not going to be as popular — not by me anyway,” Karpman continued. “I think when they replace more than half of their starters, their quarterback, adding a new offensive pattern – some of their best players are gone, including their secondary, three of their offensive line starters, a few -some of their best guns including Rashad Blanc They did a good job in the transfer portal They have 15 newcomers on campus for the spring prom which is most titled by Xazavian Valladay who was the top runner from Mountain West for the last few years. They’ve gotten offensive line transfers. They’ve done a good job in places where they’ve lost guys, but I don’t think they’ll be as good everywhere and with all the disruptions and I don’t think their schedule is as favorable. I think they’ll be behind at least two teams.

Can Herm Edwards survive?

One of the most interesting aspects of ASU’s suffering has been what will happen with the head coaching job. So far, Herm Edwards has survived cuts and cuts from football staff, but it’s questionable how long he can survive the axe. Karpman admits that many of the moves the Sun Devils have made so far have been confusing, making it difficult to predict what will ultimately happen.

“I think some of the decisions already made at this point by the administration and even the president, Michael Crowe of ASU, have been scratching their heads at times, so I’m not going to speculate too much on the likelihood of Edwards coming back. next year,” Karpman said. “It seems to me that it’s going to be difficult for him to survive this. They haven’t lived up to Ray Andersen’s expectations as a sporting director, which were sometimes too high. Their trendline with their roster and their recruitment doesn’t Five of their coaches have lost their jobs, and we previously reported that Herm Edwards was personally involved in meeting recruits on and off campus during the off-time when it wasn’t allowed.

A complete lack of discipline

The biggest problem ASU has faced since hiring Edwards according to Karpman has been a complete lack of top-down discipline. Karpman argues that’s why the Sun Devils are being penalized at a high rate on the field, as well as the internal issues they’ve been facing.

“No discipline,” Karpman said bluntly. “I think if you were to try and see what’s thematically relevant to all the areas they struggled in, maybe Herm Edwards didn’t realize he had to adapt his style differently than he does. did it for pro players. Really, it’s just too permissive for anything they did at ASU. It was more about asking or asking players to be responsible or disciplined.

“That’s why you end up being unruly on the field and one of the most penalized teams in the country, number one,” Karpman continued. “That’s why you end up being really loose with your operation in a way that leads to infighting with coaches and people who work for the staff shaming others for recruiting violations. That’s why you’re ultimately not able to have good control over who should be the leader of your program. Jayden Daniels ends up being traded because there’s a disconnect between him and your coaching staff. The theme is obvious to me, Herm Edwards is not an eye for detail and a hard driver of any kind of discipline in his program.