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Patricia Ann Steward has lived a remarkable life of passionate projects, generous deeds and a deep love of art, music, animals and community. The love of his life was his daughter Rhiannon Sofia Christina Loretta Steward. A resident of Bisbee, Arizona for many years, Patricia passed away in Tucson on December 29, 2020 after a brief illness. She was 71 years old. Patricia was born in Phoenix on November 7, 1949 to Catherine and Lewis Lee (Bob) Steward. Her parents were two of the original owners of National Car Rental, where she worked during her teenage years and honed her entrepreneurial skills. From an early age, Patricia marched to the beat of her own drum. Within the counterculture movement of the 1960s, Patricia found a community of like-minded minds. While attending school in South Texas, she met Janis Joplin. Called by their shared love of music and the famous anthem “San Francisco (Make sure you wear flowers in your hair)”, they soon found themselves in Haight-Ashbury with activists and musicians working to solve the problems of the day. Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick became one of their many new friends. From there, Patricia’s love for music will grow. In the 1970s, Patricia moved to Scottsdale and opened Balcony Hall, a music club featuring musicians and go-go dancers in cages. Donovan was one of many popular musicians who performed there. In her own right, Patricia was a gifted singer, songwriter and performer. In 1978, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her performing career. One of his songs was included in the soundtrack of the movie Death of a Soldier. In the 1980s, Patricia created and produced Hit City, a popular syndicated television show featuring R&B artists. While in Los Angeles, she frequently offered help to struggling musicians and others in the entertainment industry. His home became a center for aspiring and established artists. It was not uncommon to enter his living room and engage in a discussion with Robin Williams, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Stanley Clark or Doug Weston, owner of the famous Troubadour Club. Becoming a mother to Rhiannon was Patricia’s deepest joy. Wanting the best for her daughter, she moved from LA to Bisbee where she found a loving community in which to raise her. In Bisbee, she opened the FireHouse Art Gallery, which featured a collection of Southwestern artwork. Besides others, she was a champion of the famous Mexican artist Jesus Tellosa and the artist of the Luiseno tribe, Fritz Scholder. In the early 2000s, Patricia purchased a historic 1905 building that once housed the Pacific Stock Exchange. She transformed the building into a new concert hall, as well as a restaurant, hotel and bar. The Exchange quickly became a local favorite. A strong advocate for the legalization of marijuana, Patricia fought from the 1980s until marijuana was legalized in most states. She worked closely and tirelessly with the movement’s leader, Jack Herer. Patricia’s relentless advocacy led Herer to dub her “The Hemp Duchess” in his seminal book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. For the past few years, Patricia has split her time between Arizona, California and Bucerías, Mexico. Never one to take things lightly, in the early 2000s she bought a ranch in Bucerias with around thirty horses. An animal lover from birth as a young girl, Patricia had learned to ride a horse and by her early 20s had traveled solo on horseback across North Africa. Throughout her life, Patricia has nurtured a menagerie of creatures, including dogs, cats, monkeys, and peacocks. Patricia is survived by her daughter Rhiannon, her sister Katy Jo Steward, her great-nephew David Miles Steward and her loving family, Shawn Erickson, Mabelita Garcia and Dagmar Pechmann. Patricia was a spiritual woman who found the divine in her many passions. A celebration of his spirit will be held in Bisbee, AZ on Sunday, October 16, 2022 at The Courtyard from 1-5 p.m. On October 14 and 15, there will be an auction to benefit two causes dear to Patricia: The Dogs of the Bisbee Animal Shelter and Bisbee Vogue Inc. Details: The Patricia Ann Steward Memorial Art Collection and Sale, 100 Quality Hill Road , Bisbee, AZ Friday, October 14, 4-7, Saturday, October 15, 11-3.

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