A political cartoon by Steve Benson of the Arizona Republic that targets U.S. Senate candidate Martha McSally has drawn the ire of McSally’s campaign. The cartoon, published in Sunday’s newspaper, shows McSally’s opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, shooting down an aircraft piloted by McSally from “shallow attacks” with a “substance” cannon andRead More →

The family of US Senator John McCain announced Friday that he is stopping treatment for brain cancer. Since December, the six-term Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate has been at home near Sedona. McCain, 81, was surrounded by family and friends. In his final days, questions about McCain’s life,Read More →

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Placeholder while loading article actions In 1890, when the Arizona Republic started printing from Phoenix, before publishing photographs or crossword puzzles or winning a Pulitzer Prize, the newspaper was called the Arizona Republican. It then changed its name, but not the political orientation of its editorial page. For 126 years,Read More →

Donald Trump has single-handedly transformed the red-hot, dependable Republican state of Arizona into a contested presidential battleground. Staking his campaign on anti-immigrant rhetoric, Trump has emboldened xenophobes on the right to demand that Republicans embrace their racially tinged nationalism. Simultaneously, it annoys their Democratic opponents, especially Latino voters, who makeRead More →

Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay, R-Ganado, officially announces his transition from the Democratic to the Republican Party at the Arizona Capitol Monday, Nov. 23, 2015, in Phoenix. Begay said he switched parties because the Republican platform aligned more closely with his beliefs. He said one example is the party’s emphasisRead More →