New bill will protect 2nd Amendment and reduce violence, says Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

Bipartisan Safer Communities Act has Republican support needed to pass Senate

YUMA, Ariz. (KECY, KYMA) – Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema spoke in the Senate today about the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the Senate’s response to the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, in Texas.

The bill has the support of more than 10 Republican senators, more than the amount needed to pass it through the Senate.

The law includes funding for mental health services, school safety measures and tougher laws for Americans to own guns.

It would also encourage states to include minors’ records in the nation’s instant criminal background check system.

Senator Sinema says these provisions will help reduce violence, without undermining the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

“Protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans while reducing domestic violence and occurrences of childhood trauma,” Sinema said. “All of these tools together will give families in Arizona and across the country more peace of mind, so they can have confidence that their communities are safe and their schools are safe.”

The bill does not ban assault rifles, like the rifles used in Uvalde and the mass shootings in Buffalo.

The law will still need to be voted on twice before it can be sent to President Biden.