Mark Kelly won’t say if he would support fellow Arizona Sen. Sinema in Democratic primary

Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly was already facing a tough re-election in November, and Chuck Schumer’s decision to turn Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a villain may have made things worse. little more difficult for Kelly:

When Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer held a doomed vote last month to override Senate filibuster rules, he not only made life difficult for the Democratic senator. Arizona senior Kyrsten Sinema. It also put Mark Kelly, the junior Democratic senator from Arizona, in a difficult position.

First, Kelly was forced to choose whether to side with his fellow Home State maverick or toe the party line. Kelly avoided taking a stand until the last possible moment, when he on Schumer’s side.

Now Sinema faces a likely Democratic primary challenge in 2024 supported by Senator Bernie Sandersand Kelly, who needs every moderate vote he can get in November, won’t say whether he would back his fellow Arizona senator in a Democratic primary.

“You know, I had an election this year. I’m not even focused on this election,” Kelly told National Review on Tuesday when asked if he would support Sinema in a Democratic primary. “I am focused, as I know Senator Sinema is, on getting the job done here for the people we represent.”