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Climate change is a story that will define a generation and shape the future of the planet, but it is also a story of what is happening now, in our cities, neighborhoods and homes.

Joan Meiners joined The Arizona Republic to help tell this story, to help readers understand what’s going on, to translate the science, and to show that all is not lost. We can still adapt and prepare for the effects of a changing world.

Joan worked on an award-winning pollution series in New Orleans and developed a passionate following in St. George, Utah for her reporting on water safety. Now, every Wednesday, Joan writes another chapter of history.

Joan Meiners
Antranik Tavitian/The Republic

She writes about what will happen if the nations of the world don’t respond to the threats of a changing climate, but more importantly, she writes about what could happen if the right steps are taken. She draws on the best sources and her own expertise with a doctorate in ecology.

“Phoenix,” she wrote in her first dispatch to The Republic, “with its scorching heat, withered soils and rapid population growth and some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen, is especially good positioned to be a leader in sustainable construction, renewable energy, agricultural advancements and the deliberate reintegration of nature into our lives.”

If you have any questions about the climate, how it affects Arizona and the world around you, send them to Joan at [email protected] You can also follow her on Twitter @beecycles. During this time she will ask the questions to tell the story of what is to follow.

“My favorite thing about science and journalism,” she wrote, “is that no one will ever again be able to tell me that I ask too many questions.”

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