Family a Theme at Sun Devil Lacrosse Alumni Game

TEMPLEArizona – The Sun Devil Lacrosse program held its annual Alumni Weekend October 7-8 with unprecedented results.

More than 20 Sun Devil Lacrosse program alumni and their families attended the festivities this weekend, which included a golf tournament, alumni game, team banquet and tailgate before Saturday’s football game. The head coach Taryn VanThof has only been at Arizona State for a few months, but she has made the program’s relationship with alumi an immediate priority.

“Connecting with the alumni is one of the favorite parts of my job,” Coach VanThof pointed out. “You can create a community outside of what we do day-to-day. The support and excitement that surrounds the alumni games and the participation and engagement of alumni is exciting not only for those who have graduated , but also for those who see the those who have played before them. It is part of our culture.


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The weekend began Friday morning with the Sun Devil Lacrosse Golf Tournament hosted by the Sun Devil Club, which was a resounding success. The event was sold out, with attendance reaching new heights. Fans were then treated to a group lunch before returning to Tempe for the weekend’s featured event.

Three years ago, the first edition of the Sun Devil Lacrosse Alumni game featured the only two alumni of the program at the time. As Sun Devil Lacrosse has grown and evolved, so has the alumni team roster. Over 20 graduates of the program have joined for the game’s third year, making for a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

“I was impressed not only by the play, the effort and the hustle and bustle, but also by the numbers we achieved in such a short time after starting this programme,” coach VanThof said. “The number of alumni we had here today is impressive, and it’s exciting.”

After play was over, program members and their families headed to the Papago Golf Course for a banquet celebrating the 2022 team. The festivities ended with a pre-game tailgate on Saturday morning, the group reuniting one last time before witnessing Sun Devil Football’s 45-38 win over No. 21 Washington. If you are interested in the type of impact you can have on the program, click here for more information on how to support Sun Devil Lacrosse.

The current squad is in the midst of fall training sessions and getting acclimated to the new coaching staff. The adaptation period is going smoothly, with coach VanThof happy with what she has seen so far.

“I think the buy-in is beyond words,” coach VanThof observed. “We talked a lot about being in the moment, playing in the moment and being intentional in what we do. I think every day we got better and that’s all you can ask is just to see this progress and let’s put on a show when we face our alumni and compete this fall.”

The pre-season continues with a Maroon & Gold Scrimmage in addition to Fall Ball matches during the month of October, where the Sun Devils will have the chance to test themselves in live competition. By the time January rolls around, Arizona State will be firing on all cylinders and ready for VanThof’s first season at the helm.

During the alumni game, we met some fan favorites from their Sun Devil playing days. Keep reading for an update on former Pac-12 All-Conference players Emily Glagolev, Kerri Claytonand carley adams (with special guest Paige McGlothlin.

Emily Glagolev (2018-22)

What do you miss the most about being a solar devil?
“I think seeing the team every day, being with everyone. Especially living with the girls and going through the same things together. Certainly I miss a lot of aspects of the team a lot.”

How has Arizona State prepared you for life after college?
“It made it tough to start, which is a good thing. It definitely set me up to have a good schedule. Working hard to achieve the goals that I have. Then knowing that I have a good support system is something to aim for. is all you do.”

What are you doing now?
“I’m finishing my masters and will graduate in December. I coached a club team here, but that’s it.”

What are your first impressions of the technical staff?
“They’re great, they bring such good energy. From what I’ve seen, all the girls are having so much fun in training, which is huge. I think bringing new things will be a good opportunity for everyone.”

What does it mean that the program remains so connected to its alumni?
“It’s cool, we still have ten girls living here who moved out after college and stayed. Then the numbers go up every year and form our own team.”

What can we expect from this year’s team?
“It’s going to be so much fun, I’m excited and a lot of us live here so we’ll try to fill the stands as much as we can. They look good and fast.”

Kerri Clayton (2018-21)

What do you miss the most about being a solar devil?
“Probably see your friends and hang out with them. Obviously we were training but you interact with your best friends every day. There are a handful of us who stayed and we still get together all the time, but it It’s such a different vibe I’m like oh my god I haven’t seen my friends in a few days it’s crazy So just to get the team vibe and have that schedule knowing you and all the people around you do the same.”

What are you doing now?
“I found a new job as an architect in Paradise Valley, so I’m doing custom residential homes. It was awesome, it’s really awesome and I love it and I meet a lot of cool people.”

How has Arizona State prepared you for life after college?
“Definitely gave me all the tools to succeed in an environment where I deal with a lot of people who expect a lot of me. I feel prepared and don’t fall under the pressure of not feeling like I’m I’m able to handle a task at hand, so that was great.”

What are some of your first impressions of the coaching staff?
“They’ve been very welcoming, they’ve been very involved in getting the alumni involved which I think is great. The girls seem to like them and they bring a lot of energy and they’re great people so I’m really excited to have them here.”

What can we expect from this year’s team?
“I’m excited. I think they’ll be really competitive and they’re definitely in much better shape than us.”

carley adams (2018-21)

What do you miss the most about being a solar devil?
“Girls. It was so good to be able to come back and hang out with the girls, all my friends, and play lacrosse, of course.”

What are you doing now?
“I’m in medical device sales for Piezo Surgery. I go to the OR and help out, which is really cool.”

How has Arizona State prepared you for life after college?
“I think it helps you get along and connect with all kinds of people from different places. Besides building a network, it helps to adjust and develop skills, and breeds hard work.”

What are some of your first impressions of the coaching staff?
“They value the foundation very much, and we’re so grateful for the hard work they’re going to put into this program. I’m thrilled to see it all come together this season. I’ll be their number one fan.”

Paige McGlothlin (2019-22)

What can we expect from this year’s team?
“I’m so excited. We’re their biggest cheerleaders. We love them all so much and can’t wait to see their success in the future. It’s going to be awesome.”