Bradley Barrett “Barry” “Brad” Homan Obituary

Bradley Barrett “Barry” “Brad” Homan, 62, died peacefully on September 22, 2022 in Storvorde, Denmark, where he lived with his beloved wife Hanne Rasmussen. Barry and Hanne got married in 2001 and fulfilled their dream of opening a business called Plantebixen, a successful and charming greenhouse nursery and interior design store on their small farm near the Limfjorden fjord in Denmark. They thrived together on the farm, spending their days helping each other, supporting their business and community, and finding happiness in their daily endeavors. Barry enjoyed his days here, his Plantebixen family of employees, customers and neighbors. He adored Hanne, and she was his rock, his biggest fan, his soul mate. Our hearts, love and gratitude are with Hanne now and always. Barry was born in Goodyear, Arizona on October 29, 1959, the son of Alan B. “Barry” Homan (deceased) and Sara Kelly Homan. The family then moved to Litchfield Park, Arizona in 1964. Barry was also known as “Brad” while living in Arizona. Barry “Brad” is survived by his beloved wife Hanne Rasmussen and sister Lene Kristensen of Storvorde, Denmark; his mother Sara Homan of Litchfield Park, Arizona; his siblings: Bo Homan of Cottonwood, Arizona; Randall Homan (Al) of San Francisco, CA; Marla Massey (Scott) of Litchfield Park, Arizona; Tom Hawks (Kelley) of Sarasota, Florida; Thaddeus Homan (Lori) of Jeffersonville, Vermont. He was a doting uncle of Emily Emerson, Caroline Emerson, Elizabeth Rhoman, Barrett Homan and Vivien Homan. He is also survived by his aunt and uncle, Joanne and Fred Quinn of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as well as many cousins, great-nephews and one great-niece. Beloved by his parents, family and friends, Barry is sorely missed. A natural showman, he entertained his siblings, friends and cousins ​​when he was young with his creative projects: puppet shows, song recitations, model rocket launches, mouse mazes, elaborate drawings, trains, a robot dog called Cat Scat, his drink collection of birds, ski juggling, sailing demonstrations, a high school mime troupe and many more “Brad” projects. He had an inquisitive mind, a quick wit, and was intensely passionate about his projects and opinions. Barry was a kind and loving person, and always showed deep affection for the people in his life, as well as all of his pets. Barry attended Litchfield Elementary School (1973), Agua Fria High School (1977), and Arizona State University. He moved to Germany in 1982 to pursue his dream of perfecting his German language skills and becoming an international traveler. Barry was an accomplished juggler and a longtime member of the International Juggling Association (IJA); he met his wife Hanne at an IJA convention in Leeds, England. Barry was a talented actor and linguist, performing in plays and with improv groups in Arizona and Germany, fluent in English and German. He completed his studies to become certified as a German-speaking actor. He was continually honing his acting skills, learning new juggling skills, and perfecting his cabaret juggling act. He was a consummate professional and an incredible performer. Devoted to his wonderful wife Hanne and his wide circle of family and friends, Barry has always reached out to others and stayed in touch. He had the mind of a steel trap and quickly recalled many people, events, titles or objects, much to everyone’s delight. He liked to get nostalgic and was an avid collector of old gumball machines. Her warmth, her smile and her unique personality touched us all. His wife and family will be forever grateful for the precious time they spent together. He leaves us with an abundance of priceless memories and a deep sense of love. A celebration of his life will be hosted by his wife Hanne in Denmark in the coming weeks, and his mother and family will announce an additional celebration of his life later this year, to be held in Arizona. Cards are very popular at the moment and can be sent to: Hanne Rasmussen Sara Homan Egensevej 189 PO Box 771 Storvorde, Denmark 9280 Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340

Posted on September 27, 2022

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