Arthur (Art) C. Burrows Obituary

Arthur (Art) C. Burrows

Phoenix – Art Burrows, 86, died on January 12, 2022 after battling dementia and being cared for by his beloved wife, Rachel Burrows. Art and Rachel had been married for 63 years at the time of her death. They were married in Worcester, Ma. in 1958 after meeting at a ballroom club in 1953. Art served in the Massachusetts National Guard and, following his natural drawing and math abilities, began to working at General Electric as a draftsman in 1958. Due to recognition of his talents and strong work ethic, he had the opportunity to be transferred to Phoenix, Arizona at the company’s expense at the early 1960. Art and Rachel took their newborn daughter, Donna, and moved to Phoenix where he would live out the last 62 years of his life.

Art loved Phoenix and enjoyed hiking, running, tennis, and the many other outdoor sports he could enjoy here. He led many hiking groups with the Sierra Club, was a ham radio operator for many years in the 1960s, and always enjoyed being with his family and friends. He said after moving from Massachusetts to Arizona he couldn’t stay indoors when every day had beautiful blue skies overhead. Art and Rachel had their second daughter, Deborah (Debbie), in 1961, and their son, David, in 1970. Art continued to work at GE, which later became Honeywell, progressing through the company, culminating his career as a computer programmer. , retired in 1988.

In addition to his career, he was able to invest in land in the Phoenix area. He worked incredibly hard and persevered through tough times to provide his family with great investments. Although career and investments have been important to Art, his family has always been his priority. Along with his 3 loving children, he was a proud grandfather of 7 children: Amanda Curran, Christopher Curran, Emma Flowers (Underwood), Hayley Flowers (McDonald), Thayer Flowers, Madeline Burrows and Ethan Burrows. In addition to his 7 fabulous grandchildren, Art was delighted to have 3 adorable great-grandchildren: Arden Underwood, Sylvia Underwood and Josie Curran. Additionally, Art is survived by his sister, Patsy Postale.

A memorial service to celebrate Art’s life will be held at Virt Hall located in the LifeStream at Youngtown community on Saturday, January 29 at 2:30 p.m.

Posted on January 14, 2022

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