Arizona state senator who denied election results and called COVID vaccine ‘communism’ running for Congress | News

PHOENIX (KPNX) – An Arizona state senator known for pushing false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine and the 2020 election announced she filed paperwork to run for Congress early Monday morning .

State Senator Kelly Townsend made the announcement on Twitter, saying she would keep her current state seat while she runs.

She will run in the Sixth Congressional District, which is a sprawling rural district that stretches from the US-Mexico border to the Mogollon Rim and from the New Mexico border to Casa Grande. She currently lives in the East Valley, but the US Constitution only requires members of Congress to live in the state they represent.

“[Townsend] has a long history of fighting for secure borders, ending illegal immigration, expanding school choice and, of course, its high-profile efforts to secure elections in Arizona,” its statement read.

Townsend, who represents Arizona’s 16th district, has been a strong supporter of the Arizona Senate GOP recount of the 2020 election in Maricopa County from the start. The “audit” produced no evidence of fraud and the company that ran it has since announced its closure.

She has also been very outspoken against Arizona’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts since the pandemic began.

“We’ve had enough of your boot on our neck and we’re not going to tolerate it anymore,” Townsend said at a May 3, 2020 rally.

The senator made comments previously signaling her stance against vaccinations of any kind, previously comparing mandatory vaccines to “communism” during a 2017 Sunday Square Off segment.