Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend, not endorsed by Trump, leaves the race at home in Arizona

State Senator Kelly Townsend announced on Friday that she is withdrawing from the Republican nomination race for Arizona’s new 6th congressional district because former President Donald Trump did not endorse her.

Despite repeated encouragement and reassurances, “the promised formal approval has yet to materialize,” leaving her unable to unify the Conservative vote in the August primary, Townsend said in a statement.

Townsend said she knows an endorsement from Trump could be jeopardized by his recent criticism of State Senator Wendy Rogers. Rogers has already been endorsed by Trump in her re-election race. Townsend did not refer to Rogers by name in his statement.

“As a result, I have made it known to President Trump’s team that I am winding down my campaign in Congress and will be focusing solely on my legislative duties,” Townsend said.

Rogers was censured this week by the Senate after her embrace of white nationalism and her calls for violence drew bipartisan condemnation. Townsend missed the vote but later said she likely would have supported the official reprimand.

Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend

No more politics in Arizona

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