Arizona State football players and coaches give their thoughts on the season

As Arizona State inches closer to its 2022 opener on Thursday against Northern Arizona, here’s a throwback with some of the best quotes from the Sun Devils’ preseason camp:

ASU defensive line coach Robert Rodriguez on real rookie Robbie Harrison not knowing his own strength

“You gotta watch out for this guy. We were doing a walkthrough exercise and he almost gave in to my chest. I corrected him and said, ‘You gotta get back to me.’ And this guy just stuck his hand, I didn’t do anything. And the whole band is like, ‘This guy is too strong for his own good.’ So he’s not allowed to have any puppies right now, or similar gerbils. So if I had a baby, I wouldn’t let him hold it for a while.

ASU defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson on NIL’s impact on college football

Donnie Henderson (defensive coordinator) during ASU spring football training March 17, 2022, at the Kajikawa training grounds in Tempe.

“That’s how I see it now. It’s free agency at our level now. You know, how much money do you have? I do not know. Who should I send you to? He is down there. That’s all I can tell you. I hope you’re not playing for the money because if you are, depending on who you are, the quarterbacks make all the money anyway. That hasn’t changed. Right? Well, I shouldn’t say that. (At USC) I mean, everybody makes money there. I wish we had some of that money.

Senior linebacker Merlin Robertson explains how he’s gotten into better physical shape for this season

“I stopped eating my kids’ snacks.”

Nesta Jade Silvera on DC Henderson’s Emphasis on “Effort and Attitude”

“Donnie (Henderson) came in and he was talking about effort and attitude. I told him you had to add the T, for tenacity because we have to EAT. That’s what we have to bring as a defense, add -y this T.”

Rear Case Hatch on Coach Edwards

“I have to beat for Herm every day of the week. He’s the greatest mentor I’ve ever had. He cares more about the players than the football. It’s about growing the person first, then to see success on the pitch. With Coach Herm, it’s been crazy. I know he’s looking to prove something, he is. He’s looking to improve, to do things for him. team and helping us have a successful year. I know Herm for who he is and what he does for our team and that’s what I respect. People don’t see what’s going on in this building every days.”

Defensive end Michael Matus talks about a new hobby, candle making

“My housemates and I used to go to Bath and Body Works when they were having a huge sale and bought about 25 things. The candles are really nice to have around the house. The room always smells good so it always smells good and I love candles so first thing i spend a lot on candles let me see if i can make my own and then i can do whatever i want.”

LaDarius Henderson on low expectations of Sun Devils by others

“We’ve already heard from every possible outlet that we fear. We’re not going to win any games. We’re horrible. We hear it from ex-players and all kinds of people. We’re done with that. We “I’m playing a game. We know who we are. We just lock ourselves in. Everyone will see. We’re not too concerned about what people think of us. We know who we are.”

Omarr Norman-Lott on decision to return to ASU after entering transfer portal

August 10, 2022;  Tempe, Arizona, USA;  Arizona State defensive lineman Omarr Norman-Lott (55) during practice at Kajikawa Football Training Grounds.

“I wanted to explore my options and I just found out that ASU was best for me. In the future it will be better for me. That was it. Talking to a lot of coaches , I was able to express myself better with them than they were with me, so I thought there was better value in coach (defensive line) Rod (Robert Rodriguez) than what whatever the little NULL deal on the table, I found more value in the Rod trainer.

Linebacker Kyle Soelle on whether Robertson is an honorary brother to Soelle since he and his brother Connor make up two-thirds of the starting linebacker trio.

“All team members are honorary Soelle brothers.”

Defensive back Alijah Gammage on new secondary coach Aaron Fletcher’s coaching style

“It allows us to use our tools that we had before while giving us a new set of tools to choose from. It’s a good open family.”

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