Arizona State coaches continue to interview

The NCAA recruiting investigation into Arizona State’s football program is not close to being resolved, according to comments from ASU President Michael Crow to The Athletic on Tuesday.

“I know we haven’t been very vocal about anything from my office because the NCAA asks us not to say anything,” Crow told The Athletic. “And the NCAA is moving deliberately. I don’t think they’ve interviewed our remaining coaches yet.”

He continued, “If we had done this investigation, we would have moved with the greatest speed imaginable to get a sense of what’s going on,” Crow said. “It’s a process. You know the process. It’s unfortunate, and we’re doing our best to work our way through it and resolve it.”

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ASU football saw five coaches leave amid the investigation, including offensive coordinator Zak Hill and scouting coordinator Antonio Pierce, also defensive coordinator and associate head coach.

Recruitment suffered as the Sun Devils made few rookies and many key players entered the transfer portal and found teams elsewhere.

As a result, the team is thin in some positions as its depth has suffered.

Speculation has swirled about head coach Herm Edwards’ safety as a coach, with many calling for his dismissal.

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Crow addressed Edwards’ employment status in an interview with Arizona Sports 98.7 FM in February.

“In all those things where you have people who decide not to play by the rules, those people are gone,” Crow said of Edwards still being the Sun Devils coach. “Now we’re looking at what went wrong and why it happened etc. so we’re still at the heart of that. Coach Edwards has done an amazing job of improving our overall program. We have this collision of people who have decided not to follow the recruiting rules and so we will look at how we can make improvements etc but Coach Edwards is responsible for all the actions of his people but those are not things he asked to do. These are not things he was a part of, so we’re looking at everything possible. He brought a lot of talent, a lot of energy and a lot of creativity and now we’re dealing to people who might ‘I don’t play by the rules and now they’re gone.’

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In that February interview, Crow had this to say about the NCAA’s investigation into ASU’s football program:

“The bad thing about the rule violation process with the NCAA is that it takes so long to get there,” he said. “If we had conducted this investigation on our own, we would have gotten the information, looked at the facts, taken our measurements, made our adjustments and moved on. I think we’re hearing that there’s still 10 months, 12 months away, something on that order and so we have to work for that process…. We’re looking forward to moving forward.Obviously we’re making adjustments now, but the NCAA process is a long process and isn’t close to end.”

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According to Crow’s comments to The Athletic Tuesday, it appears that the conclusion of the investigation is still not close.

The site reported that Crow said “one can only hope” when asked about a potential conclusion to come in the recruitment survey.

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