Arizona State Baseball Attendance Trends to Increase in 2022 Season

Arizona State baseball has been middle of the pack in the Pac-12 this season, but attendance at Phoenix Municipal Stadium doesn’t reflect that.

For the first time since before the pandemic ended the 2020 season, ASU is back to having full-capacity crowds at games. During the 2019 season, ASU averaged 3,008 fans across 33 games and had a total attendance of 99,267.

This season’s fan allowance has added to the postponement of spring training due to the MLB lockdown, which has baseball fans looking for other options.

Aside from Oklahoma State’s perennial top five for a two-game weekday slate, the strength of the schedule was not evident in the first month of the season during the MLB lockout.

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However, attendance rose to 6,207 on a Friday night against the University of San Francisco on March 11. In the 25 games recorded through April 20, Phoenix Municipal Stadium is averaging 64.11% full.

The Pac-12 schedule hasn’t been shocked by the top four programs either, with ASU on the road to take on Arizona, Stanford, UCLA and Oregon State this season. But ASU still manages to draw larger crowds than the rest of the Pac-12 with a cumulative attendance of 84,945, good for 14th in the nation. Oregon State just tops ASU in attendance average with 3,429 compared to ASU’s 3,398.

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Compared to another team in ASU, the men’s basketball averaged 7,973 in 15 games and had a capacity of 56.16%. The Sun Devils were ranked 51st in the nation with a cumulative ticket count of 119,596.

Another addition this season were promotions offered from a Dustin Pedroia bobblehead to trading cards, as well as themed days ranging from honoring youth baseball teams to celebrating decades gone by.

ASU has had its ups and downs this season going 20-22, but has maintained a winning home record at 15-11 this season.

The Sun Devils are on course to reach and surpass a 12-year school record averaging 3,506 set during the 2010 season at Packard Stadium. The feat would be notable for ASU this season as Packard Stadium hosted five postseason games in 2010 before heading to Omaha for a College World Series appearance.

ASU will have six games to play at Phoenix Municipal Stadium with a weekend series against Utah May 6-8 and a series against Oregon May 13-15. The May 25-29 Pac-12 Baseball Tournament will be held at Scottsdale Stadium.

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