Arizona State arena construction on track to host NHL games in October

A photo of the virtual seating chart featured on the Coyotes websiteArizona Coyotes

According to Jenna Ortiz of the REPUBLIC OF ARIZONA, the “rapidly changing timeline” for Arizona State’s new multi-purpose arena resulted in the “moving of the original date of the game from December to October”. There had been a “back-up plan” to start ASU’s hockey season at Oceanside Arena, where he was playing, knowing that it “wouldn’t be easy to fast-track a project that includes a 5-star arena. 000 seats for hockey, wrestling and women’s gymnastics, as well as concerts and other events.” One of the biggest challenges encountered in construction was when the Coyotes “requested to join the project as a temporary home while their new arena is built in Tempe.” Once the Coyotes signed a multi-year deal with ASU in February, it was then up to the architects and contractors to “figure out how to turn the tiniest site into an NHL-worthy building.” NHLPA officials even “visited to see how development was progressing.” The annex will be the “last remaining piece of NHL upgrades the arena needs,” but the Coyotes “will avoid a long road trip due to the arena’s fast schedule.” NHL action kicks off Oct. 28 for a four-game home game that ends Nov. 3. The Coyotes “will not return until December 9” (ARIZONA REPUBLIC, 8/4).