Arizona senator says EU is building a new ‘Third Reich’ to defend Ukraine

“Zelensky is a globalist puppet for Soros and the Clintons.” Wendy Rogers, 02/27/22

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers tried several times to win a seat in Congress, but the outspoken Republican was still too goofy for the Arizona GOP, and you to know it’s a low bar in a state that has given the world Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer, Mark Finchem, Paul Gosar and an assortment of other shining lights.

So in 2020, the Republican Party held its own and threw $500,000 into its Senate race for District 6, one of the craziest districts in the state — previously represented by creationists. Sylvia Allen, the genius of “the Earth is 6,000 years old”. Governor Doug Ducey still maintains that Wendy Rogers, election denier, conspirator and member of the Oath Keepers, was a “better” choice than her Democratic rival.

Trump loves Rogers, of course.

Marjorie Taylor Greene harvested most of the press last week for speaking at Nick Fuentes’ White Supremacist Hate Festival (AFPAC, because CPAC is too liberal), but Wendy Rogers also spoke, call the crowd “patriots”. And unlike Greene, Rogers didn’t try to back out of his involvement with the Nazis, because they’re his people! When Fuentes urged the public to celebrate Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the manly men shouted “Putin!” Putin ! Wendy Rogers was right there with them.

Rogers effusively praised Nick Fuentes, the event’s racist organizer, who she says has been “de-platforming everywhere” because he says things that upset “the media and the extreme left”.

“I really respect Nick because he is the most persecuted man in America,” she said to cheers, later adding that he “opposed tyranny” by creating AFPAC .

Today, State Senator Wendy Rogers made her alliance with the pro-Putin crowd clear:


It’s understood? The socialist democracies of Europe are Nazis…do not Nick Fuentes, who praised Putin by comparing it favorably to Hitler.

“Now they’re going to say, ‘Vladimir Putin is Adolf Hitler’, like that’s not a good thing,” he said, before chuckling with repeated nervous laughter…

Even disgraced former sheriff Joe Arpaio, another speaker at Fuentes’ event, couldn’t live up to that level of betrayal. After a bewildered speech in which Arpaio said he really wasn’t “the biggest racist in the country”, even if that’s his reputation, they booed him for saying that, just like they did when he said he never intended to shoot “illegals” at the border:

“I’m not about to shoot illegals who show up, just for coming illegally,” he concluded, without cheers.

“…without cheers”, for do not killing people. So there’s Trump’s GOP: Joe Arpaio is booed for not being racist and murderous enough, and Wendy Rogers is hailed for supporting Putin’s invasion, while calling European nations Nazis for helping a democratic Ukraine .