Arizona senator proposes new bill to ban mail-in elections | Arizona Politics

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Republican Senator Wendy Rogers proposes costing taxpayers more and potentially suppressing voter turnout by banning cities, towns and school boards from holding all elections by mail-in ballot.

Local government entities have decided to hold many of their low-turnout, off-cycle elections this way because it is cheaper to send ballots to voters than to open and staff polling stations. voting and polling places.

Rogers, the main sponsor of SB1133, is a supporter of former President Donald Trump, who claimed without evidence that mail-in voting leads to voter fraud.

Stephen Richer, the Maricopa County recorder, said he sees no reason to change state law that gives local governments a choice in how they want to run an election.

He hasn’t said where he’d like to build a desalination plant, but water policy experts have long discussed the possibility of using water from Mexico’s Sea of ​​Cortez, the closest sea to Mexico. arizona.

“My view on electoral law in general is that it should identify and address the real problems, not just something that we are concerned about in a general and vague way, and I am not aware of any such real problem” , he said on Tuesday.

Last year, Richer said there were three mail-in elections in Maricopa County without any problems. He added that there was no evidence that postal voting increases the risk of fraud.

Chris Kotterman warned that Rogers’ legislative proposal would force school boards to pay more for their elections because of the added costs of setting up physical voting sites.

He is also concerned that normally low-turnout elections will see fewer voters because they will not automatically receive their ballots in the mail.

“I think it will hurt turnout as well, because if you’re doing a mail-in election, every voter in the district gets a ballot and therefore has the opportunity to vote,” Kotterman said.

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