Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema releases statement on 2020 presidential decision | Politics

PHOENIX (KVOA) — Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema released this statement shortly after several news outlets declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

“Arizonans voted in record numbers to support pragmatic, practical leaders who will bring Americans together and heal the divisions in our country,” Sinema said. “Today’s election results represent a chance to meet the needs of everyday Americans, rather than a mandate to pursue partisan goals that could further divide Americans. Now is the time to deliver critical support to families.” and employers in Arizona, to make health care more affordable, provide our veterans, and expand opportunities for Americans across the country – all while keeping our nation safe. President-elect Biden and I do not we disagree on every issue, and just like I did when I worked with President Trump, I will always vote based on what’s right for Arizona and will continue to work with anyone for get things done for our state. I pledge to keep working across the aisle, seeking compromise instead of divisiveness – because we’re in this together. Independent Much like whom each of us voted for, Americans deserve a government worthy of us and working for us. »